Throbbing Sonic - C-LAB

Presented during the IRCAM Forum Workshop 2023 In Paris.

The art works are like a medium to direct us into the spirituality, which is like a constant flow of consciousness, going through the inner and exterior space of the audiences’ bodies, washing out the purest part in the consciousness. The audiences get to experience a primal spiritual state of the self, so as to activate, and to inspire other unique experiences. Fujui Wang


The creation of Throbbing Sonic comes from the hybrid modulation of sounds correlated with the process of image formation. Through the constant interaction between sound and vision, the sensory nervous system is stimulated. The inter-uncertainty between human influence, media, and machine arithmetic plays a part. C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab utilizes the 3D sound mixing function in Spat stereoscopic system, together with a complete stereophony library, to control the source of sounds in physical space corresponding to the visual 3D environment. It creates improvised information offset in video glitch. The images perform in the states of instant movement, generation, formation, transformation and decomposition, rendering unpredictability and uncertainty.




ET@T, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and Fujui WANG

Creation Team

Images and Sound Provided by Fujui WANG

Executive Production: Hsing-Jou YEH (ET@T)  

Technical Team: C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab

Administrative Planning: Cecile HUANG

Technical Management: Aluan WANG

Visual Design: Yu-Jie HUANG

Sound Designer: Chi-You DEAN, Yu-De LIN (Tainan National University of the Arts)

Production Assistant: Hsiao-Ting CHU