Tuto AudioGuide : New version 1.7 is now available

AudioGuide is a standalone program for concatenative synthesis written in python. The new version 1.7 is now available on Github


AudioGuide newest release, version 1.7, is now up on GitHub!

Alongside this release, a new 5-part tutorial series provides and introduction to the program, covering installation and a variety of different approaches for using Audioguide to do concatenative synthesis and musical writing. 

AudioGuide is a standalone program for corpus-based concatenative sound synthesis developed by Ben Hackbarth, Norbert Schnell, Philippe Esling, and Diemo Schwarz. It is written in python, however you do not need to know python to use AudioGuide - the user supplies simple options files to interact with the program. AudioGuide outputs files that you can work with in csound, Max/MSP, Logic, Pro Tools, and even translate into notation with Max + bach. 

Here is a video which gives an overview of some the things that you can do with AudioGuide:

More videos are on AudioGuide’s youtube channel, and there is also the good old fashioned html documentation.