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"The Virtual Ensemble" illustrates perfectly the complexity of the human-machine relationship and explores the possibilities of interactions in a context of musical creation. The EV analyzes 4 audio inputs, from which it generates live music with a style and orchestration chosen by the composer who makes them evolve in live. The interaction between the musician and the machine is close to what we can observe with the best musicians among themselves.


The EV offers almost total freedom to musicians and an unexplored playing space, a sort of terra incognita of music, and yet so close to the usual codes of music, through rhythms, grooves, chords, tempos, etc.


Since the presentation of the first version during the Forum Workshops in 2018, a number of improvements have been made: Loop using simple and compound measure, orchestration, musical form control, more organic drums, etc.


For this edition, I offer a presentation and a demo where participants can test the EV.


January 2021 concert in Belfaux: 



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Denis Beuret is a trombonist, improviser, composer, cultural mediator, videographer and computer developer, he specializes in sound research: extended playing techniques for the bass trombone and integration of electronics in concert. He has developed an augmented bass trombone, equipped with various sensors that allow him to control musical programs according to his movements and his playing, as well as several computer programs, including:


La Suite Inouïe:


The Virtual Ensemble which generates live musical accompaniment according to the play of 1 to 4 musicians or sound sources. 

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