Watch Adrien Lefèvre talk about the GRM-Player.

If you missed our Ircam Talk with Adrien Lefèvre, you can now watch the replay:

The Developer, Adrien Lefèvre, speaks about the GRM-Player

The GRM-Player is a tactile sound studio. Its ergonomic user-interface is the fruit of research centered on the idea of “making and listening,” a characteristic of the GRM origins. The GRM-Player is based on a powerful core software with high-quality sound rendering. It offers an open platform that can be remotely controlled via the internet (OSC) and whose functionality can be increased with Java Scripts.

Besides its basic operations, such as playback at various speeds or reverse-playback, the GRM-Player allows users to roam through numerous experimental options: notably editing or micro-editing. Experiment with incredible atmospheres in “multiple readers” and simultaneous loops which can, over small time periods, reach granulation effects. This software is in perpetual evolution; a true laboratory of the “digital tape recorder” straddling the art of fixed sounds and acoustical synthesis.

We also offer two Max/MSP items for MacOs, ntPlay~ and ntGrain~, based on the Player’s audio engine (NexTape). The GRM-Player recognizes most audio formats (aac, aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, wav, and twenty others), supports AU and VST plug-ins, and enables the immediate recording of its audio output. The app runs on MacOs; its porterage to Windows is in progress.