Mezzo Forte shares the web app Voices in a bottle


to tie everyone’s voices beyond the boundaries of the measures against contagion: open the link, listen to the message that has been sent to you and record yours. Tell your story, share a thought or a citation, in 40 seconds: a virtual bottle will deliver it to someone you don’t know, who is tackling the COVID-19 emergency like you do.

The app also gives you the opportunity to make an act of solidarity, by sustaining the historic fundraising organized by the World Health Organization


En France, l'application permet de faire un geste de solidarité en soutenant l’initiative de la Fondation de France afin d'aider les soignants, les chercheurs et les personnes les plus vulnérables.


In Italia, tramite la app puoi compiere un gesto di solidarietà in favore dei reparti di terapia intensiva in Italia, sostenendo l’iniziativa unitaria del Credito cooperativo #Terapie intensive contro il virus.

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