OM-Patchs and Workspaces

Om OM-lib Computer music - OpenMusic

  • This is a general repository


    Melody Chorder

    In this Project we will Design a Patch for a Chorder-System. You will often see the Challenge of Chording in Exercises of primary Harmonic Lessons. T…

    Chords Harmony Scales

  • This is a general repository


    Rhythm Maker

    A Meeting-point for the Development of OpenMusic Patches which will be used to create or work with Rhythmic Structures. For what is Rhythm: https://…

    Bar Rhythm Structure

  • This is a programming repository


    Make a Melody

    This would be the first Project. So it wouldn't be a great thing to revolutionise Computer Music, but it will be a Test of how this programming in …

    Hello-world Melody Monophony