FREE- Antescofo is a real-time module for Max and PureData. It accepts a symbolic music score, and in real-time "listens" to a musician (via a microphone) following her through the score and launching electronic actions pre-written by artists. It can be used as an automatic accompaniment software.

Antescofo language Programmation synchrone Software Suivi partition

Release notes

# New Features

See full description of the new features in the documentation at

* date-delay: new syntax '§ date action':
* @strip_path()
* @type_of()
* @my_ip_addresses()
* How to: interfacing with Open Stage Control:
* symbol evaluation with @symbol_def:
* callbackmessage with @message_def:
* @reduce with 3 arguments
* @symb2midicent
* @configuration_compiler_name()
* @pwd
* @max_patch_path
* @parse
* fonction : extension of @to_num,
@base2i, @i2base, @is_nan, @nan, @is_inf
@read_file, @parse_seq

* fonction : @print, @error, @\_terminate
* @persistent on oscrecv and oscsend commands
* KNN functions: @knn_create, @knn_rebuild, @knn_delete, @knn_search, @knn_rsearch,
@knn_scan, @knn_rscan, @knn_combine, @knn_rcombine

* bit level operations : @bit_shiftl, @bit_shiftr, @bit_or, @bit_and

* regular expressions : @r_compile(), @r_match(), @r_search(), @r_findall()
* @char_is_xxx()
* extension of @explode()
* @to_num()
* @info()
* extension de @max et @min on tabs and on any argument number
* @max_absolute_path()
* @configuration_compiler_version()
* @configuration_arch()
* @configuration_target_architecture()
* @configuration_audiosample()
* @configuration_faust()
* @configuration_odeint()
* @succession
* the following functions on tabs have been extended on strings:
@car, @last, @cdr, @drop, @take, @slice, @scramble,
@stutter, @rotate, @sputter, @permute, @remove,
@remove_duplicate, @replace, @sort

* out-of-order named arguments in function call and default argument value:

* compilation and dynamic linking of a subset of antescofo user's functions:

* dynamic linking of external objects

* differential curve:

* score level command `top_level_are_tight`

* score level command `antescofo_is_in_rehearsal_mode`

* `@time`

* methods in object can have their own attribute (used to have an abort-handler on object's methods)

* Lambda-expression:

* remanent abort: `@REC_if_alive` attribute

* new osc_client command (used for instanc ein the AntesCollider lib):
* osc_receive may also trigger a function or a process instead of setting a variable

# Bug corrections

Numerous bugs have been corrected thanks to A. Muller, B. Meudic, G. Nouno, T. Goepfer, J. M. Fernandez, E. Desmoulin, S. Lemouton, S. Blondeau, C. Lorenzi, B. Levy, G. Lorieux, and many others)


* non uniform behavior in start comamnds

* variable access in abort handler of a group

* bad interaction when switching to a preload score on the musical event data (thanks to B. Meudic)

* Max 8 : deadlock when exiting Max when a console message is requested during Max external deallocation

* compilation : bad dynamic linking with Max/PD when the code to load makes use of the function defined in antescofo~

* bug when leaving Max 8 (spinlock) : this is a Max bug, corrected in Max > v8.1.3, but an Antescofo wrap around is used to avoid the behavior leading to this bug.

* notarization and code signing in Max 8 : external are correctly signed but a Max bug prevent their loading. This Max behavior is corrected in Max > v8.1.3

* dynamic evaluation in @control() (JM Fernandez)

* repeteded incommingosc (G. Nouno)

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