CataRT Standalone


An innovative approach to sound synthesis based on multi-criteria representations of sound sample databases.

Catart ISMM team Real time Software Sound synthesis and treatment

Release notes

v1.6.6 23.11.2020
- fix silent audio in Max versions >= 8.1.6
- fix pressure map editor

The CataRT standalone is distributed as a Max collective (.mxf) to avoid problems with MacOS High Sierra and later. (This means, if you don't already have Max, you need to install it, but don't need to register it.)
It will work on Windows, but you need to install FTM-2.7 Mubu, CNMAT, Blocks, Sensel from the package manager if you need them.

v1.6.5 18.03.2019
- fix intermittent error of incomplete descriptor list
- in Max 8, ignore the many error messages mnm.submat: and mnm.distribute: on startup

v1.6.4-2 06.12.2018
- fix "Clear" button to leave descriptor list intact
- rebuild collective with ftm-2.7.3 that fixes a bug of excessive CPU and memory use

v1.6.3 27.11.2018
- send audio output to catart-L, catart-R (post fader) and catart-pre-L, catart-pre-R (pre fader) to be caught by a receive~ in separate patches
- fix chain/cont mode with transposition: now the chain period follows the transposed grain length
- add Sensel Morph touchpad input

v1.6.2 10.03.2018
- fix for aiff marker import
- distributed as collective

v1.6.0 01.03.2017

- choice and visualisation of synthesis window (xfade, chant, sine, hann, hanning, blackman, blackman-harris)
- ROLI Lightpad Block multitouch input with editable pressure to gain map
(works best in fence mode)
- export corpus and uniform distribution to .mubu file
- revive marker and label import from wav and aiff markers
- tiling according to Label and RelID
- built with Max7 64bit, no more memory limits!

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