Max ISiS


Max ISiS is a Max GUI for ISiS singing synthesis software.

Isis MaxMSP Score to sound Singing synthesis

Release notes

Releases Notes:
* Completely refactored way to handle notes and syllables using 2 javascripts.
* phonetizer.js: Check and modify automatically lyrics input.
** To produce a better fitting labels input to ISiS.
** Can be customized to transform text into Xsampa and or to add specific phonetization.
** Accelerate the parsing of the lyrics input and ease it using normal javascript regexp function instead of embed regexp Max External whom spelling can be sometimes cumbersome.
* write_cfg_file.js: Adapts the writing of the cfg file to the production constraints of ISiS
** Write files instead of old inadequate sprintf function
** Make sure of no lack for labels (split the syllables into attack-nucleus-coda and prolongate the nucleus/vowel when missing label)
* Conversion from score to roll:
** Use of any tempo changes inside a score
** Get rid of double silence case caused by bars

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