Creating virtual instruments and sounds using physical descriptions

Instruments virtuels Software

Release notes

* Mode amplitudes can now be changed dynamically for all objects (using set-info).
* No more software protection needed (as part of the general IRCAM Forum policy.)

* A major bug had been introduced in the last version of ModaLisp… :-o It’s safe now!

Modalys for Max (“mlys” collection of objects)
* New examples (mostly non linear situations, using mlys.expression controller)
* Improved help objects.
* modalys~: better path management (when using the read or open message).
* Fixed getinfo “force” and “access-force”.
* New getinfo message for connection state. Ex: getinfo state Pluck
* mlys.script: isolated mlys objects are now (really) ignored!
* mlys.expression:
- writing expressions is now much easier using the text editor (just double-click the object to edit the script, and close it to confirm the changes).
- It is no longer necessary to add a “;” after an expression: within the editor, just go the next line!
- New random(x) fonction, returning a positive random number < x.
- After “if” or “while”, you may add “then” or “do” and break the line (just for clarity, but this is not mandatory!)
- Access position, speed or force values are available through getinfo (with “access-speed”, “access-force”, “access-position” specifiers).
- You can comment a line using C style “//”.
* New mlys.phasor object: this controller generates a sawtooth signal from 0 to 1. It is typically used as input to mlys.expression has a cyclical time basis, and this is part of our effort to improve the mlys.expression controller. The reason is that when using get-info(“time), the floating point resolution is generally not enough and leads to important errros over time. Using mlys.phase avoid this problem.mlys.phasor has two parameters: frequency and phase. The phase is typically zero but can be adjusted between 0 and 1 to create a phase shift (when several phasors are used). These parameters can be adjusted in real time using the standard mlys parameter mechanism.

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