Spat For Sat

Spat for Sat is a new flexible tool based on Ircam Spat for Ableton live running on Jitter, the openGL visual environnement for maxmsp. Initiate during my residency "Symbiosis" at Ircam (2019). 'Sat' in the title is a reference to Satosphere (SAT Montreal), the immersive audiovisual environnement (31 channels) where it was initially approached. It has now extended in a complete and flexible version for any system that uses library of setup and spatial models provided by spat5 library, and open to custom set up. The project has several aims : - create a creative environnement to inspire, and write an immersive audiovisual experience where 3D spatial sound and responding visuals are working in symbiosis in a 3D world. - expand sound spatialization possibilities by addressing geometric transformations from an openGl context, which offers several new creative perspectives, whether it's designed in Jitter or Touchdesigner - provide at a low level a mobile and flexible suit for artists to be able to quickly spatialize sound material in small/mid scale context from the most popular daw, and therefore popularize the practice of spatial sound in the creative community.