Trajectory Score Library | JIM 2020 Strasbourg | nadir B.

  • Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France, Strasbourg)
  • Wednesday 28 October 2020 12h30 - 13h00 (local time)

An online demonstration of Trajectory Score Library : A Tool for Algorithmic Spatialisation with Antescofo will be held during the Journée d'Informatique Musicale 2020.

Trajectory Score Library is an Antescofo library of scripts, converting mathematical parametric functions into curves in order to control the Spat5 sources trajectories. These scripts are written in the Antescofo language, a timed synchronous language which allows the use of relative time to synchronize the trajectories with musical events. This language can also provide a convenient way of creating and transmitting automation parameters to the Spat5 through the Open Sound Control protocol implemented in Antescofo. Trajectory Score Library is an additional tool amongst existing spatialization solutions. In the context of this presentation these solutions are considered as remote-control software. Trajectory Score Library thus aims to use Max as a unified real-time environment to gather different computer music processes.