Webinar: ISiS / Max ISiS

Come and ask your questions, discover the features of the ISiS and Max ISiS devices and discuss about sound technologies.

This webinar is for Premium Forum members only.

Friday, February 8th, from 2pm to 2:30pm / In English


About the technology ISiS - About the Max ISiS plugin

Result of the ANR ChaNTeR project, the ISiS software is a command line application for song synthesis that can be used to generate vocal signals by synthesizing them from melody and lyrics. Max ISiS is the Max graphical user interface for the ISiS voice synthesis software.

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Animated by Greg Beller and with the presence of Axel Roebel (Max ISiS developer) 

Greg Beller works as an artist, researcher, teacher and designer in computer music for contemporary art. At the crossroads of arts and sciences at IRCAM, he was successively a PhD student on expressivity generating models and their applications to speech and music, a designer in computer music, director of the Research/Creation Interfaces department and product manager of the IRCAM Forum. He is currently doing a second PhD on "Natural Interfaces for Computer Music" at the HfMT in Hamburg.