Webinar: Virtual Choir hosted by Greg Beller

June 21st, 2pm-2.30pm

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Come to the Virtual Choir Workshop, hosted by Greg Beller on June 21st, 2021. 

About Virtual Choir 

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Virtual Choir is a Max For Live plugin that automatically harmonizes a melody line in real-time, adding transpositions according to a scale, mode or temperament. Virtual Choir offers several possibilities to modify and harmonize a melody, in-studio or on stage. Virtual Choir allows the automatic correction of the precision of a melody line as well as the amplification/suppression of its modulation.

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About Greg Beller
Melodic Scale Developer

Greg Beller works as an artist, researcher, teacher and designer in computer music for contemporary art. At the crossroads of art and science at Ircam, he was successively a doctoral student on expressivity generating models and their applications to speech and music, a designer in computer music, director of the Research/Creation Interfaces department and product manager of the Ircam Forum. He is currently doing a second PhD on "Natural Interfaces for Computer Music" at the HfMT in Hamburg.