On March 27, 2019, the modification of the IRCAM Forum Software License Agreement results in minor changes to individual and institutional Premium subscriptions as well as individual software subscriptions. What consequences for subscribers?

Free Member

I now have (a lot) more softwares at my disposal to create, search and explore. I have the "Free license" that allows me an individualnon-profit use for research, experimentation and artistic, non-commercial purposes.

Individual Premium member (and student)

I keep my privileges and I acquire the new "License Pro", which allows me an individual use in a professional context during a public exhibition: public event, concert, exhibition, art installation, conference, exhibition, presentation, performance, publication; for non-commercial purposes In addition, I now have, exclusively, Premium technologies and four activation codes (installations on 4 terminals).

Institutional Premium member 

I keep my privileges and I acquire the new "License Academic", which allows a group to a non-commercial internal professional use: educational program, training, school, university, conservatory, research and development laboratory, business, product development, startup, recording studio, music production studio; for non-commercial purposes. In addition, I now have, exclusively,Premium technologies and twenty activation codes (installations on 20 terminals).

Individual software:

The sale of individual software is interrupted. To use one of the Premium technologies, I must now subscribe to the Premium Individual or Premium Institutional subscription.

I bought a software before March 27, 2019, and after March 27, 2018 (for example, I bought AudioSculpt, less than a year ago). My account will be upgraded to an individual Premium subscription til the end of my membership. So I benefit from all access to all software and the "Pro license".

Thank you for this information but I still have a question ...

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