Abstract for 2024 Ircam Forum communication

Presented by: Jacques Rémus

5G thermophones

For several years I have had the opportunity to present at various IRCAM forums the particularities of my work which focuses on sounds and music produced by remote-controlled or robotic mechanical machines and using various software for their study and operation. developed by IRCAM. 

My research on sounds due to the phenomenon of thermo-acoustic instability led me to explore the various processes studied by scientists specializing in this science. Thus, were born demonstrations, installations and automatic concerts of which I was able to show elements on this forum. 

The 5th generation Thermophones are the result of a significant evolution in the musical mastery of these phenomena. Significant assistance from the Ministry of Culture, following the selection of my project “Choirs and Thermophones”, during the “A.P.I. Mondes Nouveaux” launched in 2021 by the Presidency of the Republic, made it possible to build a mobile organ set with around forty pipes from 0.5m to 3m long and to prepare concerts with an ensemble of singers. 

The conference will quickly present the various previous stages, then the stages of the construction of the organ, its operating principles, its spatial installation coupled with a tubular carillon and extracts from (private) concerts carried out in October 2023 with the singers of the Paris Chamber Choir. It will then be explained the various projects planned for “Choirs et Thermophones”, the modifications that are planned to be made to the system, and the improvements which will establish the basis of the 6G Thermophones!

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