A Generative Audio Synthesis Workshop - Sinan Bokesoy

A hands on demonstration of various techniques of generative audio synthesis – Explore the art and science of crafting soundscapes that evolve on their own.

Presented by: Sinan Bokesoy

Generative audio synthesis is a process where sound is automatically created or modified by a system according to a set of algorithms or rules. This technique involves procedural algorithms driving self evolving soundscapes, audio effects / structures.

On this workshop , we will introduce various efficient models to create autonomously evolving sonic textures. For an in-depth look, we will offer hands on demonstrations of generating;

-polyphonic sound textures,

-probabilistic models which generate complex audio modulation and continuous midi data,

-self organizing waveform structures, 

-sound synthesis derived of simulation scenes, such as gravitational space or oceanic waves.

-Sonic interactions with 3D architectures presenting out of time data. 

Led by sonicLAB/sonicPlanet, with over a decade of experience delivering generative audio tools to the audio industry, this workshop is an opportunity to delve into the art and science of generating soundscapes that evolve autonomously. 




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