Afraid to own a body - Lena Meinhardt, Eva Dörr

A RAVE based 8 channel composition inspired by a poem of Emily Dickinson

Presented by: Lena Meinhardt, Eva Dörr 

The composition Afraid to own a body was composed for the Long Night of Transitions and shown at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart as part of the Shift KI exhibition. It is a 8 channel fixed media composition based on a poem by Emily Dickinson from around 1866.

To generate our sound material we worked with the IRCAM software from the RAVE team. We trained our own model to learn both of our voice colors. We found “fractures” particularly interesting. Moments when the model didn't know exactly what to do. As well as different learning stages of the model.
When it came to the form of the composition, we wanted to draw a line between something that develops and then falls apart again. Only vocal material was used.

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