How to create a project ?

To share a code, a sound corpus, an application, a Max or OpenMusic patch, a zip containing a room with partitions ... Nothing could be simpler, just create a project.

What is a project?

The creation of a project will start 4 interdependent applications.

* A "release" is a version of your content (software, sound bank, technical diagrams, patches and programs). You can then add new versions if you have this evaluated.

Getting started

Before creating a project, make sure that you have in your possession:

  • On your computer, an archive file containing your project (zip, dmg, bz2 ...)
  • A text describing how it works, how to install it and for which OS (mac, windows ...). This documentation will be called "ReadMe" and must be read by the user to operate your project.
  • All the rights relating to all the contents of your project. By default, the forum license applies to all content. However, if your archive file contains another license at its root (BSD, MIT ...), the latter will be effective. 

Creation of a project

Now, click on the blue button [+ Create] at the top right of this page, then on [PROJECT]. Fill in the usual fields:

  • Name - this name must be explicit to allow others to find it using the search tool.
  • Description - a brief description that will be displayed on the main page of your project and in search engine results.
  • Tags - main themes. If a "tag" or tag does not already exist, it will be created.
  • File repository - this is where your files are stored.
    • Create a repository for the project (recommended) - this means that we take care of hosting your files. This is the default and recommended option. The rest of this guide assumes that you have selected it.
    • I already have a repository - in case you already have a repository somewhere on the Internet (for the moment, only GitHub and forge-2 Ircam are supported)
  • README - the presentation of your project. It describes your intention as well as the functioning of the files deposited. For information, this field will generate a file in markdown and store it in the collective repository directory.


At this point, your project is created on the Forum and you can share the url address with other people.

At any time, you can modify / delete / update this data by clicking on [Preferences]

Upload of the first version

Once the project is created, the first version must be uploaded. To do this, click on [Releases], then on [+ Create a new release]

  • Name - Give your release a name. For example "my software - version 1". The name of the release is the name of the file to download to be distinguished from the name of the project which is the overall name.
  • Description - (optional) You can give a specific description for this version.
  • Release notes - (optional) Describe here what this version brings new compared to the previous ones. (You can leave this field blank for the first version).
  • "Click to browse, or drop the file you want to add to the release": Indicate here the path or drag and drop the archive file containing your release, in order to upload it to the forum.

Once the archive file has been uploaded, you can finalize the release by clicking on [-> Create the release].

Parameterization of the project

Once the project has been created and the version uploaded, all you have to do is configure the [download] button so that it addresses your release:

Go to [preferences] -> Download button

Choose the option : ["Download assets of the latest or a specific project release"]

By leaving the drop-down menu on "Latest", you are sure that the beneficiaries will download the latest version of your project.