Composing spaces and perception / REVELO

2018.19 Artistic research residency. Marco Antonio Suarez-Cifuentes. In collaboration with the Sound Music Movement Interaction IRCAM-STMS Team and the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien(ZKM).

2018.19 Artistic research residency

"Composing spaces and perception / REVELO"
In collaboration with the  Sound Music Movement Interaction IRCAM-STMS Team and the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien(ZKM).

 The interaction between acoustic, instrumental and electroacoustic space as well as the design of scenic architectural devices have become over time privileged territories for the construction, reflection and development of my own artistic research path. I have always explored in my creations tools leading to works with multiple dimensions, elusive from a single point of view or listening; performances that should confer the audience a participatory role in the construction of sound perception; creations where the body of the musician has an active part for instrumental gesture. I approach a music that is built in the intimacy of each spectator through his memory. As a composer, I’m interested in the poetic confrontation between collective perception and individual perception.

The research work that I propose in the context of my artistic residency in the ISMM team (IRCAM) and in the ZKM focus on the experimentation and the development of the computer tools, the technologies and the web-audio applications which might allowi me to compose an individual interaction with each spectator in the context of an augmented live performance.

I am interested in the experimentation of possible listening situations combining musicians with sound, hybrid instruments, electroacoustic devices (real time or deferred) to sounds broadcast under headphones; to work in the studio of alternatives for their mixing and their spatialization; to identify in collaboration with the research teams the technical and conceptual issues that arise from the use of web-audio. This artistic research project develops on several lines: the web-audio, the cognitive spaces, the interaction its movement, the acoustics of the rooms and the instrumental acoustics.

In order to be able to integrate my research into the formalization of potential artistic projects and to understand the issues of musical writing derived from this type of multi-platform broadcasting device I propose in the framework of the residence the public experimentation of some installations / tables prefiguring REVELO, a lyrical performance / installation conceived with Nieto (director and multimedia artist).

Marco Antonio Suarez-Cifuentes



Born in Colombia, Marco Suárez-Cifuentes is a composer and a live electronics designer and performer. He studied at U. Javeriana de Bogotá, CNSMDP, IRCAM and the Royaumont Foundation. In 2017, he obtained the degree of Doctor of Arts and Creation, SACRe (ENS-ED 540 - PSL) / CNSMDP. His doctoral research entitled "Interactions, articulations and poetics of the instrumental, acoustic and electro-acoustic space", was directed by Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM) as well as by Stefano Gervasoni and Luis Naón (CNSMDP).

His music has been performed in Europe and Latin America by the musicians of the EIC, Le Balcon, Multilaterale, Itineraire, EOC, Instant Donnée, XAMP, Vortex, Contrechamps, Onyx, Decibelio. Since 2003, he has been artist-in-residence at GMEM, CMM of CENART in Mexico, MIA d'Annecy, Muse en Circuit, GRAME, Studio Art ZOYD; leading composer for Transforme 2008 (Royaumont); and composer in the IMTR team at IRCAM in 2010. His work is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, IRCAM, Radio France, Voice News, SACEM the Ministry of Culture of Colombia , the Carolina Oramas, Mazda, Meyer and Tarrazi Foundations.

Suárez-Cifuentes taught composition at CRD Romainville and Laval (2008 - 2016). He is a visiting professor of composition at U. Javeriana.

Since 2017 he collaborates with the director Nieto on a visual and lyrical opera REVELO. He is a laureate of the PRRA of IRCAM and ZKM (2018-2019).

Email : Marco.Suarez (at)