Drizzle Path ——Interactive Audiovisual Work - Zhao Yixuan, Yang Ruochen

Drizzle Path is a mysterious landscape full of imagination, a wonderful journey containing the spirit of exploration, and a winding revival of memory. presented by Zhao Yixuan, Yang Ruochen

Presented by: Zhao Yixuan, Yang Ruochen

I explore how classical performers can engage and influence electronic sounds and visual images. The center of this work is the performer, whose musical expression closely connect sound and vision. Special thanks to visual artist ——Qiao Zhi for designing and arranging the visual elements of this work.

The piano is a controller that controls both sound and vision. The musical expression from the pianist is a real-time variable in the audio-visual system. Whether it is reshaping new timbres using random algorithms, constructing a three-dimensional space, or using an AI-generated and evolved video to present the cascading transformation of fields, the dual interaction of audition and vision brings multiple interpretations, and it explains the inherent expressive power of audio-visual given by AI and inspires us to think about the symbiosis between human and AI.

The work detects performance parameters in real time, including attack peak, harmonics, tempo, loudness, etc., and then trigger electronic sounds or sound effect and uses random algorithms to synthesize new sounds. The performance parameters also control the visual part. In addition to "triggering", the second part of the work uses the performance tempo to affect the continuous transformation of the AI image. It mainly uses the "realistic_vision" model in "Stable Diffusion" and calculates sequence of frames through the "Deform" functional component. The work includes Stereo version and Atmos version.

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