Elegy - Jinyu Fang, Yunsheng Zhu, Tairan Shi, Yutong Chai

Project Team: Jinyu Fang, Yunsheng Zhu, Tairan Shi, Yutong Chai In this era, we observe a phenomenon where people continually harm the natural environment, yet at the same time express admiration for artificially simulated landscapes. This seemingly contradictory situation reveals a profound issue, highlighting the vast gap between our destructive actions and our ideals for nature. As we explore technology, science, and creativity, we often overlook the severe challenges facing our planet.

Presented by: Jinyu Fang, Yunsheng Zhu, Yutong Chai, Tairan Shi
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We aim to create an immersive narrative space, utilizing VR as the medium to discuss this phenomenon. Our goal is to evoke memories of natural landscapes that have been damaged by conveying the beauty inherent in the sounds of trash, thereby inspiring people to reflect on how our lifestyles impact the Earth. These sounds serve as a reminder that we must be accountable for our actions. As the narrative unfolds, audiences will enter the year 3030 in first-person perspective, where natural sounds have disappeared, and participate in the restoration of these sounds. In our created virtual world, each sound becomes a mournful note, a poem about the beauty of nature and the pain of its destruction. We hope to awaken people's awareness and motivate them to re-examine their connection with the natural world, striving to better protect our shared home.

Technically we used blender and Cinema 4D for 3D modelling, Unreal engine 5 for scene building and interaction design, and Reaper, Adobe Audition and Fl studio for sound design.

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