Fragments of Extinction

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency. David Monacchi. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM.

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Fragments of Extinction: Explorative and Compositional Ambisonics Spaces for saving ecosystems
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team and the ZKM.

Taking advantage of advanced 3-dimensional recording technologies, experimentally employed in remote primary equatorial forests, the long-term project Fragments of Extinction is collecting, studying, and disseminating the soundscapes of the Planet’s remaining intact biodiversity. The artistic research residency will focus on the data collected during the last field recording campaigns in undisturbed areas of Amazon and Borneo and will explore the spatial complexity of these ecosystems. The aim is to demonstrate how from a single space-preservative recording it is possible to derive data useful for bio- acoustic / ecological investigation and, in parallel, to build the alphabet of a new ‘musical’ language based on real ecosystems’ analysis and re-composition. Specifically, from an intact acoustic habitat, individual species’ code-units will be isolated – in the temporal, frequency and spatial domains – to then re-build an original complex ecosystem in its spherical attributes within a High Order Ambisonics framework.

David Monacchi



David Monacchi (Italy, 1970) is a researcher, soundscape recordist and eco-acoustic composer. He has been developing his multidisciplinary project Fragments of Extinction for nearly 15 years, conducting field research in the world’s last remaining areas of primary equatorial rainforest. The recipient of multiple international awards, Monacchi is pioneering a new compositional approach based on 3D soundscape recordings of undisturbed ecosystems to foster discourse on the biodiversity crisis through music and sound-art installations. A Fulbright fellow at UC-Berkeley, he has taught at the University of Macerata since 2000 and is now professor of Electroacoustics at the Conservatorio of Pesaro. He has worked for 25 years in interdisciplinary contexts mainly in Europe and North America and produced works for contemporary music, art installation, cinema, video-art, site specific public art. He holds an international patent and is founding member of several scientific and artistic networks.