Audiovisual performance based on the sonification of biodata

Presented by: Sergei Leonov

In this performance, the author strives to take a fresh look at sacred music. With the help of the latest technologies, he enables the unknown part of life to address the audience through sound. The performer is a conductor who refers to the plant and, through it, to the metaphysical, using a variety of sonic and emotional methods, thus establishing a connection between the two parts. It's about desperate prayer and scientific experiment, transcendent states and programming codes, electricity as the primordial energy of the universe and as a resource for machines. 

Most of the sounds are produced by plants. Electrodes attached to them enable their diagrams to be recorded, and this information then used to synthesize sounds, produce cvs to modify the parameters of a modular synthesizer during performance, sound effects and so on. Using a variety of sounds, the performer attempts to influence their biological rhythms and elicit their reaction. In this way, technology enables the unknown parts of life to address an audience through sound. The title of the work refers to the Scandinavian nature goddess Freyja.

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