Future Perfect: An immersive 3D audio visual performance and installation work

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency. Garth Paine. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team and the Sound Music Movement Interaction Team at IRCAM-STMS and the ZKM.

2017.18 Artistic Research Residency

Future Perfect: An immersive 3D audio visual performance and installation work
In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team   and the Sound Music Movement Interaction Team at IRCAM-STMS and the ZKM.

Future Perfect is an immersive 3D audio visual performance and installation work developed by Garth Paine for synchronous 3D sound and VR image space, presented both as a concert at ZKM and as a smart phone virtual reality musical-visual work.

The project explores the seam between virtual reality as a documentation format for environmental research and archiving nature, with the idea that 'nature' as we know it may, in the near future, only exist in virtual reality archives, and the notion of the virtual, a hyper-real imaginative world contained by a technological mediation presenting that world to the individual as a private experience. The residency period at IRCAM will focus on developing interactive crowd mapping using smart phone beacons and on interactive spatialization techniques, whilst the residency period at ZKM will focus on the composition of a musical work for performance in the Klangdome using field recordings gathered by community members in Paris and Karlsruhe, creating an immersive and enveloping audience experience. The audience will be provided with VR HMD holders for their smart phones which, when enter the Klangdome will provide the visual environment for the work. With the sound coming from the loudspeaker array within the Klangdome and the image world of the work being a 360-degree VR world made up of environmental video images of nature sanctities within the cities of Paris and Karlsruhe, the performance will not have a fixed POV, the audience will generate their own journey through the work and determine their own viewing and listening perspectives.

Garth Paine



Garth Paine is a professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media at the School of Arts Media and Engineering and Digital Culture program at Arizona State University.

He has created interactive responsive environments where the inhabitant generates the sonic landscape through their presence and behavior and composed many music scores for dance works, generated through realtime video tracking and bio-sensing. He was awarded a Green Room Award for Outstanding Creativity, for Escape Velocity (Company in Space) and was a finalist for the Best new Musical Score for Dance, 2014. His work has been shown across the globe. Recent performances in Australia, USA, Korea and Europe have presented works for percussion and live electronic processing, resonating metal instruments, motion tracked dance and Tibetan singing bowl robots. The breadth of his practice is expressed through an enquiry into sound as material.

Garth established and directed the Virtual, Interactive, Performance Research environment (VIPRe) and is internationally regarded as an innovator in interactivity for experimental music and performance. His scholarships ranges from leading the Taxonomy of Interfaces for Electronic Music performance (TIEM) project with partners McGill and the EMF, producing an online database of NIME practices, to papers on interaction and somatics. He presented the Keynote at NIME2016 which outlined a framework for digital music instrument design.