Human Instruments delivers a trio performance blending cassette tape manipulation, live coding, and generative audio-visual experiments, where two electronic musicians create a sonic journey from ambient pads to devastating noise, accompanied by glitching visuals, exploring the dialogue between analog and digital realms.

Presented by: Sonnie Carlebach, Ushara Dilrukshan and Thomas Bugg
Biography Sonnie Carlebach

Human Instruments is a trio performance featuring cassette tape manipulation, live coding, and generative audio-visual experiments. 

Two electronic musicians compose ethereal electrified tape code noise by sending sound from a four-track cassette machine through effects and manipulations into a computer live-coding on Super Collider in real time. Along with new sounds produced at source from Super Collider, this produced a sonic journey crossing ambient pads, textured and deharmonised by the four tracks unique distortion, and catalysing in devestating noise as the saturation of cassette tape is brought to life and then murdered by the expressive and otherwordly coded noise. 
All of this sound is sent live through touch-designer to produce intense and glitching visuals that compliment the tone of the performance. 

Journey with us from analogue to digital to cybernetic noise as the machines communicate concurrently with musicians trying to keep control whilst pushing the design functions of physical and binary coded instruments to their limit. Watch as the players themselves becomes currents of access from the machines to express their inner most thoughts as technologies distanced by decades try to communicate with eachother, coursing through the translation box of a Human Instrument.

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