Highlights / 亮点

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Workshops  工作坊

José Miguel Fernandez  

- Antescofo programming language and the control of a Max/MSP patch (processing, synthesis, spatialization) /编程——Antescofo MaxMSP

- Gesture capture and different types of mappings for sound synthesis (RiOTs, Arduino, Kinect ...) / 手势捕捉与不同类别的声音合成mappings手法(RiOTs, Arduino, Kinect ...

- AntesCollider, control library of SuperCollider from Antescofo and use of different algorithms for electroacoustic composition (examples of treatments, synthesis and spatialization) / AntesCollider,综合SuperColliderAntescofo为电子音乐创作而编写的算法资源库(音频处理、合成和空间化)

Francesco Casciaro 

The «ReFuse!» project proposes, through a semi-improvised performance, the demonstration of the sound and expressive potential of PrintStrument / “重熔!( ReFuse!)”项目将通过半即兴式的表演来展示 PrintStrument 的声音和可观潜力。

Aven Le Zhou

ZICHI is an interactive musical AI. Being more than a playable instrument, it is also a musical intelligence who can «understand» the input from participants and compose accordingly a new melody and play it back to audiences with the tone of Guqin / “子期”是一个交互式音乐人工智能。不仅仅是一把可供演奏的古琴,“子期”更是一个音乐AI,能“理解”参与者的演奏和输入 并以之为“灵感”实时谱写新的旋律并以古琴的音色演绎出来

Jiang Siting 

Ghost is a new interactive music system that assumes the use of live music which combined with fixed electronics sound (fixed media) and live performances / ”幻音“是为固定媒体(电子音响音乐,Fixed media)和乐器演奏相结合的电子音乐所设计的新型的交互式音乐系统。

Wei Xiaoxi

Pneumaether / 총최It seems to me that the “Pneumasether” gas in the mask was able to open the access to another time and space. The work was made by Max/Msp, and use 3 respiratory masks as the main interface for performance, which were connected to the pressure sensors (MPX5050DP) with Arduino / 作品基于 Max/Msp 平台,利用 Arduino 连接 MPX5050DP 气压传感器,实现以呼吸 面罩作为主要演奏界面端的硬件设置

Carlos Delgado 

A demonstration of Lev is a gestural control software instrument. Lev takes video data from a laptop computer’s built-in video camera and splits into two control matrices, for the right and left hands respectively / 演示我开发的手势控制软件工具 Lev。 Lev 从便携式计算机的内置摄像机中获取视频数据,并分为两个控制矩阵,分别用于左右 手。

Kun Lee

Non Existent is an immersive interactive artwork that combines virtual reality, hardware and software communication, data visualization and other multiple new media technologies /《不存在》(作者:李琨)作品简介: 《不存在》是一件融合了虚拟现实、软硬件交互、数据可视化等多种新媒体技术 的沉浸式互动作 品。

Yi Xin Zhang

Whale Language is a mixed electronic music for clarinet and live electronic music /《鲸语》(作曲:张艺鑫)作品简介:《鲸语》是一部为单簧管而作的实时混合类电子音乐作品,由于人类的生产生活对海洋生 态环境 的污染以及所产生的工业噪音使鲸鱼的命运发生改变, 它们的平静生活被破坏,面临生存危机。

Xiaoman Yang

(Sichuan Conservatory of Music) 

LUNA is selected from the Chinese ancient poem, meaning that the moon rises after the rain stops, only the latter part of it is taken here. The work was composed for flute and computer. It has three parts. The theme is intended to show that the moon is slowly rising, and the moonlight is covered with the gentle scene of the earth. The work is finally realized by using Max/MSP program /“月华生”选自中国古诗《甘草子•秋暮》柳永的“雨过月华生”一句,意为雨停以后月亮升 起来了,此处只取后半句月华生, 月亮升起来的意思,乐曲可划分为三个部分,表现出月 亮慢慢升起,月光洒满大地的温柔景象。作品通过 Max/MSP 程序来最终 实现。

Yibin Cai 

Rain Forest II is an interactive music work for Leapmotion and contact microphone /《雨•林II》是为Leapmotion与接触式麦克风而作的交互型电子音乐作品。

Tong Chen 

The Upper Gallery, is a new media piece composed for vibraphone and interactive vision, it was world premiered in Chengdu, Sichuan /《高宅》是为颤音琴和交互影像而作的多媒体作品,2019年首演于四川成都。

Yanmin Han 

Echoes From Qiang Mountains : The Qiang flute, the characteristic musical instrument, folk songs and dance of sheep-skin drum are all the performance manners of Qiang’s music / 特色乐器羌 族长笛、民歌和绵羊皮鼓舞都是羌族 音乐的表现方式,反映了羌族人民的习俗和特殊的审 美观念。


Tiange Zhou

Synthetic Creation in the Context of Interactive Audiovisualogy :  : In this demonstration, I will share my experiences of using accessible facilities in the market, such as microphones, projector,webcam, and leap motion sensor to achieve artistic outcomes multidimensionally through several computer programs /在此次演示中,我将分享如何通过几种计算机程序与当今市面上容易获取的技术工具 相结合,如麦克风,投影仪,网络摄像头和Leap Motion手型传感器,以获取多重感官的艺术效果。

Sylvain Cadars

Presentation of Sound Engineering /声音工程

Mikhail Malt 

Computer aided composition (OpenMusic for beginners) / 计算机辅助作曲(面向初学者的 OPENMUSIC)

Augustin Muller 

Spatialized musical and sound creation : Augustin Muller will introduce us with various methods and approaches to spatialization for creation in musical cases, but also for performing arts in general (opera and theatre) or installations /奥古斯丁•穆勒将向我们介绍各种空间化的创作手段和方法,这些方法不仅限于音乐案例,也包括总体表演艺术(歌剧和剧院) 或装置作品。

Lectures 论坛

Marc Battier 

Electroacoustic Music Studies Asia Network (EMSAN) : This is an endeavour built as a network gathering researchers, computer music composers and designers and musicologists. Its main goal is to develop a database of musical works related to Asia /这是一个致力于聚集研究人员、计算机音乐作曲家、设计师和音乐 学家的网络。它的主要目标是建立与亚洲有关的音乐作品数据库,也就是来自亚洲作曲家或在亚洲首演的音乐作品

Mikhail Malt 

The project Sheng's objective is to study the chenu in various aspects : musicology (repertoire, interpretation, etc.), music (interpretation, improvisation and composition) and science (acoustic analysis). We will also present the current state of the project (research), its actors and the seminar calendar for the coming years / 它的目的是从各个方面研究 Chenu:包括音乐学(曲目、诠释等)、音乐(诠释,即兴创作和作曲)和科学(声学分析)。我们 还将介绍该项目(研究)的当前状态、其参与者,以及未来几年的研讨会日历。

Matteo Cesari

On Augmented Interpretation: An interpretational approach to electroacoustic music /关于增强诠释:电声音乐的演绎方法

- On Interpreting Electroacoustic music: A chamber music journey / 关于演绎电声音乐:室内音乐之旅

Frank Madlener

Panorama of musical creation today at IRCAMIRCAM当今的音乐创作概况

Philippe Langlois

IRCAM’s composition and computer music course / IRCAM作曲与计算机音乐课程概述

Minjie Lu

(Sichuan Conservatory of Music) 

Fantasy Scene Music Theater of Chinese Traditional Instruments and Electronic Music / 音乐剧场“幻境

Giovanni Santini

Composing (interaction) with Augmented Reality / 增强现实作曲

Marco Bidin

Extended scores for improvisation upon fixed media / 基于固有媒介即兴表演的扩展型乐谱

Yongbing Dai

The background of the work: " Hell and Human Marriage " /冥婚

Jialin Lu

My Modalys World : During the year-long program of IRCAM Cursus, I worked intensively on the IRCAM software Modalys. With its powerful simulation engine, we are encouraged to design and interact with our own dream instruments /在IRCAM Cursus学习的一年中,我与IRCAM出品的物理建模程序Modalys结下了不解 之缘.