Jury for the Generative Music Prize

We are delighted to announce the members of the jury for the first edition of the Generative Music Prize.

Deadline extension for the calls until November 12th at midnight (Paris time)!

Agoria, French electronic music pioneer, unstoppable DJ, independent label owner, film composer, forward-thinking digital artist, trailblazer of Biological Generative Art, or Web3 music innovator - Agoria can do it all, with taste. Make sure to keep up with this visionary artist and community leader, who's changing his world, and ours, one drop at a time.
Photo by - Elina Kechicheva
Greg Beller, TEDxParis 2017 le 6 novembre au GRAND REX par Brightness Copyright - © Jacob KHRIST - hanslucas-crop

Greg Beller works as an artist, a researcher, a teacher and a computer designer for contemporary arts. At the nexus of Arts and Sciences at IRCAM, he has been successively a PhD student on generative models for expressivity and their applications for speech and music, a computer music designer, the director of Research/Creation Interfaces Department and the product manager of the IRCAM Forum. Founder of the Synekine Project, he is currently doing a second PhD on “Natural Interfaces for Computer Music” at the HfMT Hamburg in the creation and the performance of artistic moments.

Photo by - Jacob KHRIST

Berrak Nil Boya is a multi-disciplinary audio artist and a programmer based in Berlin. Her work consists of several different mediums, including but not limited to, sound design and composition, web-based generative/reactive art works, audio-reactive real-time visuals and narrative video games. With a formal education in music and more than a decade of experience in programming, she focuses on areas that enable her to merge her passion for technology and art. Capturing visual snapshots of acoustic properties of sound and the functional use cases for augmented reality are some of the current topics of her artistic research. As a former educator with more than a decade of experience, she puts emphasis on creating experiences that are easily accessible and navigable by newcomers to that specific genre or style of work.

Photo by - Berrak Nil Boya

Andrea Faroppa

Andrea Faroppa - Head of Sónar+D - Sónar Barcelona

Graduated in Communication, Cultural Management, and Creative Economy, Andrea has over a decade of expertise in cultural and innovative event management, being involved in projects in Uruguay, the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain in leading companies in the sector such as Live Nation Entertainment, TEDx and Sónar, where's she's currently the Head of Sónar+D. Sónar, launched in 1994, is a leading European festival in Barcelona, renowned for spotlighting advanced music and digital culture. It merges influential artists with emerging trends across music and technology. Complementing this, Sónar+D initiated in 2013, serves as a global gathering for art and digital innovation, uniting artists, technologists, and thinkers. Together, they offer a dynamic blend of performances, talks, and immersive experiences, making both events pivotal in the creative and technological landscape.

Photo by Sónar Barcelona

Georg Hajdu

Georg Hajdu is a German composer and professor. After studies in molecular biology and composition in Cologne and computer music at UC Berkeley's Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), he graduated with a PhD in 1994. In May 2002, his networked performance environment Quintet.net was used in Manfred Stahnke's opera Orpheus Kristall on the occasion of the Munich Biennale. In the same year, he was appointed professor of multimedia composition at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama (HfMT), where he founded Germany’s first master’s program in multimedia composition in 2004, and the Center for Microtonal Music and Multimedia (ZM4) in 2012. In 2010, he was artist in residence at the Goethe Institute in Boston as well as visiting professor at Northeastern University. He has also been involved in a number of national and international ventures such as the Culture 2007 project CO-ME-DI-A on networked music performance and is the founding director of the LIGETI Center.

Photo by - georghajdu.de

Holy Herndon

Holly Herndon is an American artist and composer based in Berlin, Germany. After studying composition at Stanford University and completing her Ph.D. at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, she pursued a music career internationally. Herndon's music often includes human singing voices (including her own), is primarily computer-based, and regularly uses the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes. She has released music on the labels RVNG Intl. and 4AD. Her third full-length album, Proto, was released on May 10, 2019.

Photo by - www.hollyherndon.com

Philippe Langlois

Philippe Langlois, Doctor in musicology with a thesis published at éditions MF entitled Les cloches d’Atlantis.

Musique électroacoustique et cinéma / Archéologie et histoire d’un art sonore, researcher at the IReMus, Université Paris-Sorbonne, teacher and composer for images, he is known for his work at the crossroads of sound and technology, music and film, radio and sonic arts.

In July 2017, he was appointed director of the Department of Education and Cultural Outreach at IRCAM.

Photo by - IRCAM

Franck Madlener

Frank Madlener, Director of Ircam - Center Pompidou, Director of the Festival and International Academy ManiFeste and the Annual Forum Vertigo (Art and Innovation), Frank Madlener completed his musical studies in France, Germany and Austria (piano, conducting) parallel to his philosophy cursus.

Winner of the European Mozart Foundation, he worked in Prague, Budapest and Krakow. From 1998 to 2002, he was artistic director of the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels and then artistic director of the Musica Festival of Strasbourg between 2013 and 2015.

Ircam is a unique center in the world, dedicated to scientific research, music creation and knowledge transfer, bringing together nearly 160 collaborators. Confronting artistic creation, scientific foresight and engineering, active in several European networks (Vertigo, Interfaces, Ulysses), Ircam today engages contemporary issues : man-machine companionship, knowledge and perception, invention of material and forms, interactivity and spatialization, big data, IA and authorship.

In 2020, Ircam created Ircam Amplify, a spin-off for the commercialization of the institute’s audio innovations. A true interface between state of the art of audio research and the industrial world on a global scale, Ircam Amplify is a major actor in the sound revolution of the 21st century. Frank Madlener is President of Ircam Amplify,

Photo by - IRCAM

Miller Smith Puckette

Dr. Miller Puckette (Harvard; mathematics) is known as the creator of Max and Pure Data. As an MIT undergraduate he won the 1979 Putnam mathematics competition. He was a researcher at the MIT Media lab from its inception until 1986, then at IRCAM, and is now distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego. He has been a visiting professor at Columbia University and the Technical University of Berlin, has won two honorary degrees, the SEAMUS award, and the 2023 Silver Lion award of the Venice Biennale Musica.

Photo by - Linux Audio Conference 2014

Anna Xambo by RAIN.

Anna Xambó is a researcher and musician. Her research and practice focus on building and evaluating interactive music systems for music creation and performance using human-computer interaction research. She is a Senior Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology and a member of the Music, Technology and Innovation - Institute of Sonic Creativity (MTI2) at De Montfort University. She is the PI of the AHRC-funded project “Sensing the Forest: Let the Forest Speak using the Internet of Things, Acoustic Ecology and Creative AI" (2023-2025) and has also led the EPSRC HDI Network Plus funded project “MIRLCAuto: A Virtual Agent for Music Information Retrieval in Live Coding” (2020-2021).

Photo by - +RAIN

The pre-selection phase involves the following experts:

  • Olivier Pasquet
  • Benjamin Lévy
  • Daniele Ghisi
  • Joao Svidzinski
  • Jose Miguel Fernandez
  • Augustin Muller
  • Andrea Agostini

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