Generative Music Prize

The Generative Music Prize is an international competition that highlights the creative potential of music generated with algorithms. This first edition is organized by IRCAM to mark the 30th anniversary of the IRCAM Forum.


Music generation software is a sophisticated computer application that harnesses intricate algorithms to produce sound/music compositions independently and without direct human input. By utilizing trained models, rules and/or non-musical data, this software usually programmed in languages and applications such as C++,  Python, javascript, Max, PureData, Chuck and SuperCollider can generate original musical pieces.

Whether serving as a wellspring of inspiration, a laboratory for experimentation, or a tool for crafting adaptive soundscapes, music generation software opens up new fields of applications, across various domains. From music composition, where they formalize an entire musical process, to dynamically producing soundtracks for films and video games, or creating evolving ambiences for artistic installations and therapeutic experiences. They may be also employed for enriching online content, interactive music education, live artistic experimentation, and even immersive game development. Overall, they push the boundaries of creativity and redefine how music is created and experienced in a multitude of fields.

The Generative Music Prize highlights the intelligence of music generation software in relation to the challenge it faces. Participants, be they individual developers, collaborative teams, or corporate entities, submit their proposal for scrutiny, undergoing rigorous assessment based on a comprehensive set of criteria:

  • Clear description of the generative algorithms.
  • Artistic quality of the generated music. 
  • Suitability for targeted field of application or artistic objective.
  • Innovative and original approach. 
  • Ease of implementation and use of software. 

The Generative Music Prize serves as a platform not only to spotlight technical advancement but also to foster creative thinking, as well as to accord recognition to accomplished developers who have significantly contributed to the growth of this dynamic and evolving field.


The awards ceremony takes place on March 22, 2024, to mark the 30th anniversary of the IRCAM Forum, at IRCAM, Paris.

  • 1st award: 2500€ + 1 year IRCAM Forum Premium Membership
  • 2nd award: 1000€ + 1 year IRCAM Forum Premium Membership
  • 3rd award: 500€ + 1 year IRCAM Forum Premium Membership

Following the event, not only the winners but also other willing candidates will have the opportunity to promote their software and music free of charge on the Dafne+ platform via the IRCAM Forum.


  • September 12, 2023 - November 12th, 2023 : Submission portal opens
  • January 26, 2024: Notification to the awardees
  • March 22, 2024: Award Ceremony during the IRCAM Forum workshops 2024


The three Generative Music Prizes will be awarded by an international jury, after a pre-selection of 10 applications by an international pool of reviewers. To participate, participants must upload an application to the call platform, presenting the following content:

  • Proposal description: A description of no more than 4 pages (ACM format) introducing the intended purpose and the faced challenge, a technical description of the algorithms used and the innovative nature of the approach. A Visual illustration of the proposal.
  • Link to a private video of no more than 5 minutes for jury members presenting all the aspects of the proposal.
  • Software installer and ReadMe: An installable and usable version of the software on one or more current OS or a link to an online platform, or an OpenMusic, Max or PD patch for evaluation of the "Ease of implementation and use of software" criterion. This software should enable the reproduction of the music in the “Music Sample” without any live input. We welcome any technical information such as READMEs or installs. Please pack everything relevant to reproducing the "Music Sample" into a single zip file.
  • Music Sample: A 10-minute max. audio file (48000 KHz - 24 bits, WAV Stereo format) containing an excerpt of the software's musical output. A video format (mp4) is also available if a joint screen capture is helpful.
  • Short Biography (400 words max., in English) and High-Definition Photo of the Proposal author(s).

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