Forum 2024 Workshop partners: 30 years on!

Mixage Fou 

Mixage Fou is a non-profit association dedicated to the art of sound creation, supported by a team of sound and listening professionals. 

Since 2009, the Mixage Fou competition has brought together over 1 000 creations, bringing together professionals and amateurs of all ages and nationalites.

The association regularly offers workshops and installations, mainly aimed at young audiences. 


The European DAFNE+ project is a decentralised platform dedicated to the development of technologies aimed at promoting a fair ecosystem for the distribution of creative content. 
Its main objective is to help communities such as the IRCAM Forum to create innovative and fair economic models, offering support to all the players involved, from artists to developers.
This initiative also explores new avenues for the creation, distribution and monetisation of artistic works, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by blockchain technology.

ISAC (International Sonosfera Ambisonics Competition) 

Following the success of the first edition of ISAC 2023, which saw the participation of over 100 compositions by 77 candidates from 26 countries, IRCAM Centre Pompidou and Pesaro, designated as a Creative City of Music by UNESCO, are collaborating for the new edition of the ISAC-2024 competition.
The meeting between the 30th anniversary of the IRCAM Forum and the nomination of Pesaro as Italian Capital of Culture in 2024 creates an opportunity for the winners of the competition. They will have the privilege of travelling from Pesaro to Paris, discovering the world-renowned public installations dedicated to High-Order Ambisonics (HOA): the Sonosfera and the Espace de Projection.


The former Censier campus of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University is to become CÉSURE for three years: a third-location centre run by Plateau Urbain in partnership with Yes We Camp focusing on the transmission of knowledge and know-how, pending its rehabilitation by the EPAURIF. Since summer 2022, this 25,000m2 site has housed a vast workspace for 200 occupying organisations and 2,000 students, and has become a testing ground for inventing new ways of learning from each other.

Since May 2023, Césure has been welcoming the general public to its cultural and festive programme, with a canteen coupled with an Emmaüs Campus shop, a 1,000m2 Grand Plateau, an amphitheatre and an inner courtyard.

The space also hosts events such as solidarity screenings and debates, literary meetings, exhibitions, concerts, learning workshops, student projects, etc.

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