Modalys Tutoriel n°1: The Plucked String Radiation

First part of a series of tutorials about using Modalys and its libraries in Modalisp, OpenMusic and Max.

This first tutorial focuses on the simple example of a plucked string.

I usually first explain the principle of what awaits us, then type it in in Modalisp with thourough explanations.

After that, I rebuild the Modalisp script in OpenMusic and finally in Max.

You can find a bookmark list in the video description on YouTube.

Although, due to the one-dimensionality of the pluck connection, a simple mono-string and mono-two-mass would have done the job, I decided to immediately jump to the "bi"-objects. If however you would happen to have a pluck-only patch expecially in max, you could save quite a bit of CPU using mono-directional objects only.

This tutorial was created by Olav Lervik.