Modalys Tutoriel n°3: The Confused Flatulence Tube

Third part of my series of tutorials about using Modalys and its libraries in Modalisp, OpenMusic and Max.

In this tutorial we build a simple tube which gets excited by a mono-two-mass object through a reed connection.

As always I start out in Modalisp, move on to OpenMusic and finish with Max. There are bookmarks in the video description on YouTube but most of the explaining is done in the Modalisp part.

The reed connection is a tricky one to say the least. And the documentation has some traps in store for you :-).... Adding to that, it seems to behave differently in Max (compared to Modalisp). This can be a bit frustrating and confusing when trying to creating something precise but on the other hand the non-linearity in this connection has a lot of potential in being able to produce a very lively sound.

This tutorial was created by Olav Lervik.