Modalys Tutoriel n°4: The Reed Of Distress

Fourth part of my series of tutorials about using Modalys and its libraries in Modalisp, OpenMusic and Max.

Max Modalys Computer music - OpenMusic Physical modeling engine Reed Sound synthesis and treatment

In this tutorial we continue on our journey with the reed connection using a rectangular plate as a reed and attaching a hole to the tube, which can be opened and closed.

This was a hard one :-) but I like challenges. The documentation on the reed connection plants a seed of confusion which grows easily with unexpected results.

I think here more than ever it is important for me to state, that I have never participated in a Modalys course at IRCAM. I might have more insight if I would have but until now my knowledge of Modalys is solely based on the documentation and some videos I have seen online. I am very grateful for any support, pointers, help in the comment section.

This tutorial was created by Olav Lervik.