Modalys Tutoriel n°9: 3D Magic

Part nine of my series of tutorials about using Modalys and its libraries in Modalisp, OpenMusic and Max.

In this tutorial we explore the possibilities of making 3D objects in Modalys and end up bowing it.

Hidden away in the modalys help folder of your installation is an old manuscript called finite elements. It holds the key to make 3D objects in Modalys. We go simple in this tutorial and make a bow, give it our material of choice, which at some point becomes gold. Although you can not make complex 3D shapes with dents etc in Modalys, it is still one of the great powerful features. For example making a weird shaped gong with 50 meters diameter made out of uranium...

We surmount some documentation obstacles for Modalisp and OpenMusic and at the very end look into a somtimes working (and sometimes not working) max patch ;-).

This tutorial was created by Olav Lervik.