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all librairies of the IRCAM Forum are free for research and creation...

Hello everyone,

An international community of musical and artistic research, the Ircam Forum brings together creators, teachers, researchers, performers, students and sound professionals. You can discover the latest music applications and take advantage of new sound technologies designed by IRCAM laboratories or other members, interact with the Forum community, share activities and events, collaborate on joint projects or ask from simple questions to a network of professionals of over 10,000 members worldwide.

For all, all librairies of the IRCAM Forum become free for research and creation purposes. For this, we have put in place a special license related to the use. After logging in, you can download most of Ircam software for free, including flagship MaxMSP libraries such as Spat~, Modalys~ or SuperVP~, or OpenMusic libraries, and you can use it for free to experiment, create and share. For professionals, the Pro license allows you to use it during concerts, installations or other public events. Finally, the Academic license allows teachers to build educational programs based on these technologies.

For our members, some for 25 years, the new forum site is an opportunity to offer new features. In particular the possibility of creating projects (patches, scripts, data, corpora) that can be shared, archived, versioned thanks to the git-lab application integrated into the platform. If "git" does not tell you anything, you can simply drop an attachment to your project, to allow others to retrieve it easily. Convenient when giving a course and want to offer content to our students, for example. If you are "git-push" friendly, ie developer, then you can expertly set up your project by visiting the git-lab interface dedicated to your project.

OK, I give it a try...

Everyone can contribute by creating articles, events, "projects" (code, software, technologies ...) as well as chat rooms, all grouped into "collections" to find their way around.


There is a continuity between the forumnet site and the new website. If you already have an account on the previous site, thank you to create / validate the creation of your account with the same information (login, email, ...) on this website. In this way, your settings will be kept, your subscription transferred and your identity preserved.


The articles present some aspects of artistic research related to the creation of a work, the content of an artistic research residency or to scientific progress or technological innovations. Everyone can create an article in the language of their choice and share an opinion, an experience, a know-how.


The events of IRCAM Forum members allow the community to meet for a concert, a visit to an installation or to share an original experience. There will be the trainings related to computer music as well as the annual meeting of the community during the workshops of the forum in Paris and Hors les murs.


Projects are so many "software bricks" that can be aggregated to make a prototype, an experiment and finally, a work. The forum integrates a modern system of management of sources (git-lab) allowing you to collaborate on a max patch, a code Faust or python or to share a sound corpus because it also hosts the data (sounds, videos ...). In short, everything that constitutes the digital part of an artistic project can be deposited, versioned, shared, archived on the forum. For example, a teacher of computer music may leave a course material for the attention of his students for example, and then a colleague can "increase" this material in a collective process and a shared effort.

Chat Rooms

Music research questions such as "how to transcribe the voice?" Will find their place in the general chat room. Workflow presentation involving multiple authoring environments, comparisons such as "what to use today to do spatialization" or tutorials to address "computer-based orchestration? "Dot the site here and there, since each article / project / event contains its own chat room.


Finally the collections allow to link these different informations. If I search for all the data related to spatialization, the "spatialization" collection will bring together IRCAM's spat, member contributions in the form of projects, articles and events related to the subject.