News from Anemond Studio: Factorsynth 3, Factoid 2 and upcoming projects - J.J Burred

Discussion and demonstration of the latest versions of Anemond's tools for sound transformation based on matrix factorization

Presented by: J.J Burred 

Anemond is a music sofware studio based in Paris, founded by independent researcher J.J. Burred. Anemond develops and distributes Factorsynth (partner software of the IRCAM Forum) and Factoid, two tools that deconstruct sounds into components using a data analysis technique called matrix factorization. Once the components are automatically extracted, the user can manually or randomly recombine them to create complex sound transformations, such as rhythm and melody modifications and a particular kind of cross-synthesis. 

The Factorsynth project was started in 2013 as a research prototype, which was first used by IRCAM-affiliated composers such as Maurizio Azzan, Emanuele Palumbo and Mikhail Malt for timbre transformation and spatialization. It then evolved into a commercial Max For Live device which has been used by composers, DJs and sound designers. In 2023, J.J. Burred founded Anemond to redevelop and distribute Factorsynth as a VST/AU plugin, as well as a standalone application. 

Whereas Factorsynth is a full-fledged sound design studio allowing detailed editing and recombination of the components, Factoid is a more lightweight tool focusing on easily generating melodic and rhythmic variations of loops on a much simpler interface.

In this presentation, J.J. will discuss and demonstrate the current iterations of both tools: version 3 of Factorsynth, released in 2023, and version 2 of Factoid, released in 2024. They are not only a complete reimplementation of the previous Max For Live devices, but include many new features, such as MIDI control of the individual components, random panning, component locking and individual or global export to DAW tracks.

The presentation will conclude with an outlook towards Anemond's upcoming projects.