Noise from Order - Marion Cros

Abstract of my intervention during the Ircam Forum Workshop 2024

Presented by: Marion Cros

Noise from order

On the importance of rustling

I emit the hypothesis that loud actions find it’s origins in a state of internal noise caused by a cognitive dissonance : the screeching from the gut necessity to be able to express themselves freely, and the social, cultural, or political constraints which may prevent it. Being quartering from the need to say something, and the injunction to remain quiet.
What is silent, isn’t just noise shut down?
Without Silencing, can’t there be noise?
The exteriorization of this internal noise in the form of an acoustic one should allows oneself to find consonance, to tune their form of action (or reaction) through the internal state within themself.
Like a carrying wave, the loud vibration becomes a messenger, leading the violence away or back to those responsible for it, giving the perspective of the beginning of a new cycle.
I wish to explore how the use of the noise establishes itself like an appropriate modus operandi.
For that, I determine this tool - the noise - in a spectrum from the preverbal state to a state of overloaded speech
I developed a performative form from these assumptions that I played several times in France.
I build my own «noising machine», from hacked objects and Max patches.

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