Release of Antescofo available now !

the new version on Antescofo

Jean Louis Giavitto of Musical Representation Team published the new version on Antescofo

This version is available now here

The evolutions brought by this release are numerous. 


  • Antescofo integrates a hybrid differential equation solver that allows to make physical models. This capability appears as an extension of the Curve The temporal parameter of the differential equation is the physical time or the relative time of the musician. See
    The solver is powerful and allows to find numerically the roots of equations which involve the solution function and its derivative. An arbitrary action can be triggered on the crossing of one of these points, such as sending a message or a change of equation or state, which allows to model real hybrid systems:





  • This functionality is used by AntesCollider, a library designed and developed by José Miguel Fernandez that allows to drive audio synthesis and transformation directly from Antescofo. The scsynth server of SuperCollider is used as the audio engine. The library was presented at ICMC in 2019 where it won the best presentation award. This library should be finalized and distributed by the end of the year.


  • Many functions to simplify input/output have been added: @parse, regular expression parsing, reading and writing data in JSON or XML format, etc.