Opening of the 30th anniversary of the Forum at CÉSURE - Lieu des savoirs inattendus

All the information about the launch of the 30th edition of the Forum IRCAM workshops at CÉSURE on 19 March from 17:00 to 22:30!

Opening evening at CÉSURE 
- 19 March from 17h00 to 22h30 -

Come and discover installations, demos and performances:

Free registration is mandatory

Ludovic Landolt

Duration: 10 minutes
Running times: 17h15, 19h05, 20h55
Abstract: Domglockenschrott is an electroacoustic installation that recreates the sound of the bells that disappeared from Treve Cathedral in Germany. Composed of loudspeakers mounted in bronze shell casings, it broadcasts the memorable ringing of the Helena, Maternus and Hosanna bells, bearing witness to their singularity and tragic history. Created on the basis of research into Trier's historical archives, the installation uses computer tools to model the physical properties of the bells. The installation was created in collaboration with Robert Piéchaud, a research engineer at Ircam's S3AM laboratory, and used Modalys, software developed at the Institute, to restore the spectral presence of the digital bells by faithfully reproducing their physical characteristics, with a view to a new casting.

Olivier Pasquet 

Duration: 20 minutes
Running times: 17h45, 19h35, 21h25
Abstract: Principles of the Theory of Wealth (PTW) is an immersive piece of generative music 'music-theatre' based on live simultaneous fictitious game strategies constituting a dramaturgy. The piece narrates a confrontation between three computer game strategies: Deep Blue, AlphaGo and MuZero, highlighting the capabilities of autonomous machines in logical contexts. Through this performance, PTW also questions the political impact of games and the complexity of decision-making systems applied to economics and politics. The piece offers a post-techno sensory experience, allowing the audience to move freely and immerse themselves in an abstract and evocative sound sculpture.


Marie Bruand & Sarah Nabi

Duration: 20 minutes
Running times: 18h25, 20h15, 21h55
Abstract: "Prélude" is a performance merging dance and music, where dancer Marie Bruand creates music through her movements, exploring the intimate link between the two arts. This performance uses several technologies from the Ircam Laboratories, such as the RAVE model and R-IoT motion sensors, to generate new sounds in real time thanks to the dynamics of the dance movements.


Students of the Royal College of Arts, and Professor Matt Lewis

Duration: shown continuously in the Amphitheatre on the evening of 19 March. 
Abstract: Names and more information about student work on the full programme. 

You'll also be able to take advantage of the "ginguette" on site to share a convivial moment. 


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