"A great silence is spreading over the natural world even as the sound of man is becoming deafening.“ – Bernie Krause

Presented by: Paul Baule

Mute (WT) is an interactive installation prototype portraying a shocking reality about the state of our planet: the once vast orchestra of life, the soundscape of the natural world, is turning silent.

The audience is invited to engage with a „living“ data visualisation, showing an emergent flock of 17000 „flying“ audio waveforms that statistically represent 17 of the UK's  most endangered songbird species. Based on the population development of these species between 1967 to 2020, the project makes visible and audible how the soundscape of birdsongs in the UK has dramatically changed over time, how a an initially diverse, loud, and lively flock has become increasingly homogeneous and silent.

By emphasising the fragility of nature's vocal cords, threatened by unprecedented human destruction, it aims to create an emotional gateway to the distressing but inaccessible statistics of biodiversity loss and tries to contribute to a future worth living for all species.

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