3D Illusory Immersive Soundscape-"Glacier" - Zoe Lin

Global glacier loss impacts diverse regions, with sea-bound collapses generating cautionary waves, while a composition utilizes 3D immersive soundscapes to symbolize human impact and blur artistic boundaries.

Presented by: Zoe Lin 

Since the early 20th century, glaciers worldwide have steadily diminished, impacting diverse regions from the Alps and Himalayas to Greenland. Antarctica, Earth's largest glacier store, faces thinning ice and shelf collapses.

Each year, glaciers discharge a colossal 46 cubic kilometers of ice, accompanied by deafening roars. Sea-bound glacier collapses involve massive ice shelves plunging into the ocean with seismic force, generating tsunami-like waves. Caution is crucial for distant shipborne observers.

This composition utilizes 3D immersive soundscapes, creating synesthetic experiences. It vividly depicts glacier texture, height, floating ice flow, and their disintegration. Beyond the mesmerizing imagery, it symbolizes human violence and destruction toward our planet. This narrative extends to the 21st-century realm of warfare, expressing an apocalyptic sentiment. Although primarily electronic, it integrates choir-like elements symbolizing the human-deity connection, delving into themes of apocalypse, redemption, and, in the final elegy, forgiveness.
Throughout its creation, I blurred the lines between painting and composing, sculpting sounds guided by my inner artistic vision. Close your eyes to sense the glacier's texture, temperature, weight, and the waves enveloping its consumed essence.

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