Presentations by Strasbourg Conservatory and Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin

Electroacoustic and instrumental composition teachers and students of the Strasbourg Conservatory and Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin will present various research, development and composition projects involving real time, computer aided, and interactive processes and techniques.

Presented by : Conservatoire de Strasbourg and Haute Ecole des arts du Rhin



Presentations by : 

  • Tom Mays – CRT : a Max patch for real time compositon and performance - presenting the latest version

CRT (Composition in Real Time) is a Max patch conceived to facilitate both introductory and advanced real time composition. 

  • Lorenzo PANICONI – Composing electroacoustic music with Antescofo: working aesthetics of the augmented score

Presentation of an ongoing research-(and)-creation project, the main aim of which is to learn and integrate Antescofo as a tool in my artistic practice. I'm taking advantage of some of Antescofo's main features (centralized score, functions and process definition, etc.) to facilitate the writing, reading, interpretation and performance of electroacoustic compositions, and adapting pre-existing pieces.

  • Guilherme RIBIERO DA CUNHA – The hybrid voice, the vocal body and electro-narrativity : two post-pandemic bresilien pieces for female voice and electronics

In this presentation, we will explore the pieces "corriente de agua" (2022) et "Maria!" (2022), de Guilherme Ribeiro. We will analyse the expressive diversity of the voice used in these pieces, as well as its own hybridisation, moving from the spoken voice to the whispered, sung, muffled, shouted, chewed, etc. voice. We will also examine the construction of the (fixed) electronic parts of each piece, acting as a sonic-narrative element in the poetics and sonic structure of the piece. Finally, we will look at how the Covid-19 virus pandemic influenced the composition and the collaborative work at a distance between the singers and the composer in these two pieces with such corporeal aspects in the vocal field.

  • Alonso HUERTA – A digital alternative to the original sound diffusers of the ondes Martenot using resonant model analysis

Work in progress on the high fidelity digital emulation of the ondes Martenot's legendary sound diffusers using resonant models (maxmodres) in Max and RNBO. 

  • Laurent WEREY – Generating video from audio  - working with 3D AI generators
  • Jad EL KHECHEN – Gesture in the service of musical expression

CatRt Mubu and camera-based hand recognition

  • Lucas Andréa MOREAU – MAX/RNBO, vers des dispositifs légers et indépendants

Exploration of the relationship between Raspberry Pi and the environment of Max/RNBO

  • Raphael CORNIGLION FACCIOLI – Exhaustion and boundaries of real time processing - between sound presence and digital aesthetics

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