Somax2 2.41 released

Somax2 2.41 released, along with quick access to rich interaction demo/tutorial

Somax2 version 2.4.1 is released.
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This version is fully operational with a sophisticated GUI that lets you create co-creative agents and 
make them interact / improvise with the external world and between themselves.
As promised to many, we have prepared a set to help you jump (almost) immediately to real-life, rich interactions with Somax2, with ready-made players and music corpuses, carefully adjusted parameter initializations, and a single 10 steps tutorial.
Rich musical corpuses (midi and audio) have been built from great masters (modern, contemporary, jazz etc.) so you may readily experiment rich interaction, before building your own corpuses.
You can first get a precise idea of what to expect from this set by watching first the demo videos at :
To get going, go to this repository, and download all the content to your machine, then follow the readme file instructions (or install first Somax2 2.4.1 from the forum page)
Have fun, all best
Gérard Assayag and the REACH project fellows.
Stay tuned at  for installations, updates and new materials
Watch / Listen to recent Somax2 realizations as they unfold in Joëlle Léandre’s residency : REACHing OUT ! 
Somax 2.5 is in preparation : this version will add full max-style programming/messaging  interface, with accessibility to base objects (without GUI) to create your personal workflow / GUI. 
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Gérard Assayag, Research Director @ IRCAM STMS Lab