Sponsors of the Forum 2024 Workshops: 30 years on!


The Italian association ALEA is one of the four sponsors of the Forum 2024 Workshops. ALEA is a non-profit association that seeks to promote music in all its possible artistic, historical and cultural contexts.

Through the organisation of concerts, courses and other educational activities, ALEA organises events focusing on the dissemination of minority languages, the rediscovery of forgotten composers, reflection on the role of the artist in the field of environmental sustainability, the maintenance of historic instruments and their repertoire, the removal of barriers of gender and ethnicity, and the promotion of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

ALEA also supports young talent at the start of their careers through artistic collaborations and funding initiatives.

CNM (Centre National de la Musique) 

The Centre National de la Musique is seeking the essential balances to promote the harmonious development of all aspects of the music industry, in a constantly changing and increasingly globalised environment, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 30 October 2019, which calls for ongoing consultation with the entire sector.

Through its mission of observation, data collection and collaborative analysis, the CMN aims to enable the State to grasp and assess these developments, in order to draw the consequences in terms of its objectives for guiding public policy in favour of music. The CNM is also committed to developing tools that provide an in-depth understanding of the music economy and to implementing a support system tailored to the needs of professionals, based on the data collected.

The CMN's mission, whether in the form of advice, support, training or financial assistance, is to design its programmes taking into account the real-life trajectories of authors, composers and artists, as well as the diversity of the professions and institutions that surround them, with a constant desire to stimulate innovation.

Noise Makers

Noise Makers develops audio technologies for post-production and virtual environments. Their innovations are adopted across the globe, fuelling both artistic creativity and industrial needs.

Their audio technologies can be integrated on a variety of platforms, from desktops and virtual reality headsets to smartphones and embedded devices.

The company also specialises in the creation of interactive audio software, aimed at professionals such as sound designers, film directors and video game creators.


SonicPlanet specialises in sound art, audio-visual software development and sound design. They create visual and immersive audio applications for a variety of platforms.

Their aim is to push back the boundaries of audio and sound design, adopting an innovative approach and constantly seeking new paradigms.


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