2018.19 Artistic Research Residency Éric Raynaud aka Fraction. In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team and the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

2018.19 Artistic Research Residency

In collaboration with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces IRCAM-STMS Team and the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

Symbiosis is a research-creation project that explores the potential of 3D sound spatialization as a real-time audio-reactive vector for generative visual synthesis in a 360 ° immersive audio-visual environment.

Symbiosis, is a research-creation project of an immersive performance that addresses the idea of unity of audiovisual materials, using the spatialized sound material to sculpt the generative material, in 360 °. It involves research and development aspect on the creative potential of 3D sound spatialization from Ircam SPAT as a real-time audio-reactive vector for generative visual synthesis in Touch Desginer or Max-Jitter in an immersive audio-visual environment (satosphere). , SAT). This project proposes, based on the outline of this performance, to address the issue of audiovisual interactions under an analytic approach of the sound signal in the 3D domain, to set up a method and create bridge-tools that will eventually help to produce the final piece.

Éric Raynaud



Fraction, real name is Eric Raynaud, is a sound artist, composer of experimental electronic music, and creator of audio-visual creations born in Brittany and living in Paris whose work is particularly interested in the forms of sound immersion and their interactions with the visual media. His first production appeared on the German label Shitkatapult before joining the label Parisien Infiné in 2008.
His career follows in parallel a journey into the digital arts field with a focus on work involving complex scenography and hybrid digital writing that can combine visual, sound and physical media. With the support of the CNC-Dicream (2010), he created the immersive audio-visual performance DROMOS for the Mutek festival (Montreal) which then spread the blogosphere, and will even be used by Apple in its anniversary clip 30 in 2014. That same year he also creates ObE a unique immersive installation relayed by The Creators Projects and many other web media.

In the wake of these two ambitious works, it aims in particular to forge links between 3D sound immersion, contemporary art and architecture, with a particular interest for issues involving science and environmental issues. At the center of his creation is the sound with which he experiences on a daily basis his ability to guide the writing of singular works. He thus plays with his spatial, physical and emotional character in order to design atypical pieces placing at the center of his preoccupations the experience of the immediate "physicality" of space.

In 2014, he is a laureate of the Institut Français France / Quebec / Digital Arts program which allows him in residence at the Society of Technological Arts to pursue a research / creation work on spatialization ambisonics in real time and the interaction with new media. In 2015, it presents a first form of the ENTROPIA project, based on this research work, associating ambisonie sound projection order 4, pixel mapping and 360 ° projection, also covered by the Creators Projects. The result of several months of work, this latest creation is also suitable for installation in a format that can be presented in multiple locations.

In 2016, he is invited in residence at the prestigious Spatial Sound Institute created by 4DSound in Budapest (Hungary) which takes the form of a unique sound diffusion system in the world where he revisits the atypical work of Xenakis, Persepolis, who will welcome him again in 2018 for the Bardo project. He is also laureate SHAPE 2017, a European device of 16 festivals and arts center that supports musicians and multidisciplinary artists with innovative approaches in Europe.

His work has been presented in many national and international electronic, experimental, digital or audiovisual culture festivals and events such as MIRA, MUTEK, GogBot, MEQ, Maintenant, Sonica, Lab360, Z-KU, Gaiety Lyrical, SAT Montreal, Resonate, Kikk, etc.