The modern symphony : expressing and restraining emotions - Jungwoo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, and Yuri Cho

This project is a collaboration with Jungwoo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, and Yuri Cho.

Presented by:  Jungwoo Kim, Jiyoon Kim, and Yuri Cho
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We, humans, instinctively seek stimulation.


Still the sounds of daily routine cannot make our hearts race.

We need strong sounds, which come out when we properly express our emotions, like punching, throwing, or dashing.

However, if everyone in society pursues stimulation, it leads to terrible consequences such as violence or crime. We, modern citizens, need to suppress emotions and act gently sometimes to engage in social activities. Punching turns to tapping, throwing turns to drawing, running turns to walking.

Modern life is a balance between the expression and suppression of emotions.

The sound of a cup breaking, a powerful strike, the noise of tearing paper.

Actions that express emotions create a strong beat that shakes the body.

On the other hand, the sound of a cup moving, tapping fingers, the gentle sound of footsteps.

Actions that suppress emotions fill the gaps between the heart-racing beats.

We want to discuss how modern citizen’s stimulation can be integrated in their life.

By using the sound of things and interactive lights, we will invite you to the symphony created by the expression and restraint of emotions.

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