Truthscape - Jieyu Huang, Jinhan Lu, Yiding Ma, Shuyi Guo, Bei Su

Limehouse, once a trade hub, later merged into Chinatown in SOHO. This project delves into its history, highlighting how information shapes perception and challenging fixed truths.

Presented by: Jieyu Huang, Jinhan Lu, Yiding Ma, Shuyi Guo, Bei Su
Biography Jieyu HuangYiding Ma
Biography Shuyi Guo

The Limehouse area, once part of London's historic docklands, served as a crucial trade route connecting the United Kingdom and the Far East before SOHO became the renowned Chinatown. Early settlers, including Guangdong sailors and Chinese immigrants from Shanghai, laid the foundation for what would later become London's "Chinatown." Limehouse Chinatown has a rich and complex history. This project describes and understands this place through various historical records and news reports, trying to explore the role of information in shaping the impression of the area.

Our focus is primarily on the unknowability of the truth behind the Limehouse area. Truth is not an absolute, fixed entity, but a polyhedron that reflects the perspectives, biases, and experiences of those participating. The project hopes to show that truth, like history, is not a single narrative but a dynamic, evolving entity, shaped by the interplay of cultural, social and personal perspectives.

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