Whale Fall by- Armelle, Janmejay, Riya, Selin, Xuanbei

Project Abstract of Whale Fall, an immersive audiovisual experience made by students of Royal College of Art. Project Team: Selin Öztürk, Janmejay Singh, Armelle Mihailescu, Riya Mahajan, Xuanbei Peng

Presented by: Selin Öztürk, Janmejay Singh, Armelle Mihailescu, Riya Mahajan, Xuanbei Peng
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‘Whale Fall’ is an Immersive installation that invites viewers to take a dive into the depths of the ocean. It offers a reflective journey into the extraordinary spectacle of a whale fall, a natural phenomenon that occurs when a whale dies and descends to the ocean floor, becoming a transient but essential catalyst for underwater ecosystems.

The audio narrative unravels with the audience at a seaside place, then moves into the ocean and after an impact, the audience journeys with the dead whale in its descent to the ocean floor. The ocean's surface, filled with plastic waste and ghost nets, serves as a moving remark on present-day marine pollution, prompting reflection on its adverse impact on marine life. The viewer is seamlessly transported to witness the gradual metamorphosis of the ocean floor as aquatic flora and fauna flourish around the whale carcass, mirroring a time-lapse of ecosystem formation that typically spans decades.

Viewers engage in this experience through the carefully crafted spatial sound design, intensifying the immersive atmosphere and complementing the visual narrative. With the marriage of a deep-sea aural soundscape and evocative visuals, we aim to transcend the boundaries of traditional storytelling. This multi-sensory experience thus invites contemplation on the fragility and resilience of deep-sea ecosystems.

Through the lens of immersive technology and sound design, the experience serves as a medium to foster a deeper connection with the ocean, encouraging mindfulness and stewardship for our planet's marine habitats.

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