XP 1.12

Presented during the IRCAM Forum @NYU 2022 After a first version released in 2021, xp4l goes on its way and has since taken the name of XP, in a recent update (1.11) A corrective update has just been released, and on this occasion, this article comes back on the principles of the environment, discusses the evolutions between xp4l and XP, and evokes the feedback from concrete use cases


xp4l was born from the will to make the ircam spat library available in a flexible and dynamic format from the popular ableton daw, giving it also a 3d visualization interface that can contribute to extend the possibilities of interaction with the sound field. 
This first version has taken up several challenges, as the spat obeys to instrancing conditions that make it complicated, but not impossible, to integrate it with ableton's Live api.

This first version allowed to explore several directions, and to draw perspectives to improve its functioning.


Since the release of xp4l, to better respond to these challenges and offer more durability to the project, xp4l has been almost entirely redesigned, whether it is the standalone, or the m4l devices. If the system keeps the same workflow, inside, the way it instanciates the devices and the parameters overall works differently