Xp for Live: latest news and future insight of the 3d audio environment for Ableton Live (using spat~) - Fraction (Eric Raynaud)

Two years after its release, Xp for Live (Xp4l), a 3D audio design interface for Ableton utilizing Spat, has firmly established itself in a diverse and growing community spanning media arts to sound enthusiasts. In the Ircam Forum session, I'll provide a tour and demonstration of the latest version, Xp 1.20. Additionally, I'll explore the Xp.iko project, an adapted version tailored for Sonible's Iko emblematic loudspeaker, currently undergoing collaboration with Spaes Lab Studio in Berlin and using Ircam Spat library as well. We'll examine potential future enhancements for the tool, offering insights into the exciting developments shaping the future of Xp.

Presented by: Fraction (Eric Raynaud)

Ths article offers a preview of an upcoming presentation slated for the Ircam Forum 2024, comprising two distinct segments:

Xp for Live

The first part will focus on demonstrating the functionality of Xp for Live , a 3D audio design interface tailored specifically for Ableton Live. Over the past two years, Xp has garnered widespread adoption among creators spanning various domains, from new media to sound art. Its seamless integration of Spat~ within the Ableton ecosystem has solidified its position as a go-to tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. During this presentation, an in-depth exploration of the latest iteration, Xp 1.20, will be conducted, highlighting its enhanced features, functionalities, as well as discussing its benefits and limitations. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the capabilities of Xp and its role in shaping the future of audio design within the Ableton Live environment.

Xp 1.20



Xp.iko project represents a meticulous endeavor to reimagine the tools and interfaces used to interact with Sonible's Iko loudspeaker within the framework of the established Xp for Ableton Live architecture, taking in consideration past history of creations, potentials, and limitations. It aims to introduce a fresh perspective on composition, appealing not only to a new generation of creators but also inviting experienced users to rediscover the nuances of crafting for this emblamtic instrument. Currently in development in collaboration with Spaes Lab Studio in Berlin and drawing upon the esteemed Ircam Spat library, Xp.iko seeks to facilitate a deeper exploration of audio design using Ableton. Attendees will gain insight into the methodologies, the future workflow, underpinning this initiative and its potential to shape the future landscape of composition for the Iko loudspeaker.

Xp.iko at Spaes Lab

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